Monday, 28 May 2012


Hey everyone

I have been really terrible with keeping this blog up to date but i am going to put it down to me having no time as i am having so much fun. Really its the truth. We are now at the end of May and next month will be my last full month in Mauritius… honestly cant believe it, everyday i feel different about it. I miss home of course, but me as a person has changed over here in Mauritius and now everyday things i use to question become normal for me. Looking over my time here i have grown so much. 

Since i last wrote we have been taking holidays for a break because we haven't been off since christmas. Freya and I both took two weeks off but separately. It was really nice to have some time away from work and relax. Most of my time was spent with one of my Mauritian friends who took me around the island a bit. There are only a few more things i need to do before i go, like scuba diving but its pretty expensive so waiting until the end of my year. For now we are back at work teaching after the kids had two weeks off. There has been some Drama at work.. one girl had to leave shelter because she was really badly behaved. The police had to even come and she still bad mouthed them. Really couldn't believe it but it made me realise where these girls have come from and what they think is acceptable. More recently a group of the girls caused havoc one evening turning off all the lights and taking out new plates etc and chucking them around, smashing everything up. Was pretty scary to think some of the girls were capable of this, i was more shocked and disappointed than anything. They don't realise that this stuff is for them to use.. but still they break it. It was a hard day for us as we realised how maybe we also were not appreciated. Its frustrating more than anything, we gave up a year of our lives to come out here and help but they just don't understand, we some of them anyway.  Right now at work we are teaching maths a lot as we have recognised a lack of knowledge within this area.. for example how are they going to work with small change when they leave? to buy their food etc.  All the girls had tests for HIV and AIDS last week which is really good for them to do, we also did one to put them at ease. Its really great that people come into places like this and help. 

There has been a dramatic change in the weather, its defiantly winter now. Gradually its been getting colder, the jeans have been on and a thin jumper. But today.. wow i was actually shivering. The rain is pretty bad too and everyone is saying its like cyclone weather… oooer. Sunday's are now not good for going to the beach… well for me anyway cause im no longer a typical tourist. IM MAURITIAN!! 

Everyday i think about my time left, Im excited of course but wow i am so scared as well. Just picking my life up and moving back home when you have become so relaxed in a community you were once never part of. Leaving people who have become so important to you, great friends and people you will never forget. Will defiantly miss this place and i know i will be back so soon!  so yeah my emotions are weird right now. 

I haven't got much else to say other than the next month is going to be really hard for me, really don't wanna leave! 

take a gap year


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